Germaine Dunn Testimonial

Hi…My name is Germaine Dunn. I am 44 yrs old and I’m from Harrodsburg KY. I was raised in a single parent home and had a strong and loving Christian family. My grandmother, mom, uncles and all of my family were close and spent time in church. I was spoiled rotten, had an awesome childhood and loved playing sports, singing, and drawing.

As a child I hung around my family. My family partied a lot during the summers and on weekends. I had fun watching them party. For the most part they were funny, happy people and played great music. I remember that over time I started going to grab drinks for them (beers, alcohol) to the point that I knew what people drank, how much pop this person wanted how many cubes of ice that person wanted. Over time I started stealing drinks of alcohol and beer and hiding them. After they were drunk, no one ever knew I had been drinking! It started simple then the older I got, I started playing sports and hanging with much older people that were in high school and older.

The thing at that time was speed. By the time I was 11, I had indulged in cigs, liquor, white crosses, coke and crack. Only those I indulged with and my closest friends knew. I spent my elementary years already doing hard drugs yet excelling in school and sports. At one point Mercer High School had beat Harrodsburg High School in football for 6 straight yrs. A friend and I took a hit of acid and we beat Mercer that year. I scored every point and the winning field goal on acid! I finally graduated high school. I remember waking up the morning of graduation sick and hungover. I just made it in time to the ceremony. I was late and distracted for the most important day of my life!! Somewhere in all the mess I was covering up, I managed to graduate and make my mother proud. We argued and fought a lot during high school. After all, I knew it all…but what I didn’t know was I was lost.

I lost all of my dreams when I started hiding those drinks as a little kid. I wanted to be grown and have fun like I saw people having at those parties as a child. I had drank, snorted, and smoked my dreams away! At 18 yrs. old I was involved in the robbery of gold and guns in Danville, KY. That was 1992 and I stayed in jail, or on probation/ parole until 2006. After high school I was planning to go to try out at the Cincinnati Bangles training camp. Someone said to me they believed I might be able to make the cut, but God had other plans. I ended up getting into a fight and getting my right tricep cut off on a 55 five gallon fish tank. Praise be to God that I had friends there because the doctor later said if they hadn’t wrapped my arm up in all those towels I would have died before I made it to the hospital. I died in the hospital for lack of blood, but God and a blood transfusion saved my life!

I ended up getting married, but I couldn’t mask my issues at home. I couldn’t keep food on the table for my family. I couldn’t keep the electric on or a job and I couldn’t keep my ex-wife from going back and forth to her parents’ house because I also became a mean drunk at home. Long story short my life spiraled down and fast! I smoked all my checks up. I started robbing houses. Drugs became my family. I’d smoked thousands of dollars of crack plus the drinking, not to mention selling every drug I did! All the while pushing all my family away until I was ashamed to go back!

My mom is without a doubt my number 1 fan and I have made some portion of the last 30 yrs of my mom’s life miserable! Before coming to the place that saved my life (Isaiah House), I started doing all the drugs I had before, but crystal meth had gained a new control of me that I could not shake. I lived house to house all winter the year of 2016-17. I was homeless, living in houses with no heat, no electric and was hungry! Even then, all I worried about is how to get high somehow.

Thanks to some friends, and I do mean Friends, I got help. They brought me to the place that saved my life- Isaiah House. Today I’m doing awesome. I have a job at the Isaiah House, I have a place to live and now I have custody of my youngest son plus my oldest son stays with me. I have a great relationship with my mom and my kids. I’m not perfect and there are probably some that still frown on me, but I know I’ve been saved and given a purpose in my life.

I would like to tell everyone out there that God is real and it’s not about seeing God, but feeling God! Someone reached out to me so I’m reaching out to you. There is hope and I found mine in Christ at Isaiah House! Ten months SOBER!!! Amen!


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