How do I prepare for rehab

Pursuing recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is a significant life change and one for which you will be grateful as you find sobriety. Whether you have connected to treatment through resources such as Casey’s Law, by the encouragement of family and friends or a decision you’ve made on your own, taking these steps to prepare will make your transition to recovery smoother.


Confide in those you want to know about your addiction and recovery


Informing your friends and family you are seeking treatment for drug or alcohol abuse will show them you are serious about addressing your addiction and receiving help. Addressing and healing relationships with others and being open about your addiction will be part of your long-term recovery. Depending on the program you participate in, these people may even be involved in your treatment through counseling or other practices that help you confront your addiction and hold you accountable in your recovery.

While this initial step will open the door to an honest conversation, the choice of who you want to share your recovery journey with is ultimately yours to make. 


Address family and work obligations


In some cases – but not all –  receiving addiction treatment will require you to leave your home and job for a set amount of time. While you may be hesitant to do so, understand that receiving help for your addiction now will allow you to live a sober and more productive life in the future. 

If you are employed, speak with your employer about your plans to seek treatment. Many workplaces offer Employee Assistance Programs that will connect you with a substance use disorder treatment provider. The Family and Medical Leave Act will allow you time away from work to pursue treatment for your addiction. 

If you are a caregiver to children, pets or other family members, make arrangements for their care. You may be able to turn to trusted friends or other family members to provide this care in your absence or find other care options as needed.

Isaiah House Treatment Center will accept women who are pregnant with a doctor’s approval and there are other treatment centers and resources available in Kentucky that provide prenatal care and programs that accept women and children together. 

Family and work obligations should never deter someone from receiving the help they need. For those who are unable to find alternate care for their loved ones or leave their jobs, outpatient treatment options are available to provide recovery resources outside of residential treatment and meet the unique needs of clients. 


Work through financial and legal matters


If you are entering residential treatment, you will want to make sure any bills you have are taken care of while you are away. Many companies offer auto-pay features for billing. You can also ask someone you trust to help manage your payments. Additionally, look to place holds on any subscriptions, memberships or other services that allow you to do so for your length of treatment. 

For those who are involved in legal matters, be aware of any obligations such as fines, court costs, appearances or other conditions. Isaiah House has a team of Target Case Managers who will contact the courts to inform them you are in treatment and help ensure your legal matters are tended to throughout your time as a client. 

Know what to bring with you and pack accordingly

Before heading into treatment, understand the rules of what items are allowed in your program and what will be provided for you. Many centers will list their rules, restrictions, and suggestions of what to bring on their websites. Items like cell phones, electronics and personal vehicles are often not allowed and alcohol-free personal hygiene items are typically provided. Remember to only pack the essentials for your stay and understand that less is more when it comes to minimizing distractions and focusing on your sobriety. 


Research program details, lengths and cost


When it comes to alcohol and drug abuse treatment in Kentucky, there are options to address different client needs. Programs such as Isaiah House offer short-term residential treatment for men and women, long-term residential treatment for men, medication-assisted treatment and intensive outpatient and outpatient care. Transportation within the state of Kentucky is also provided to make sure clients have a a ride to programs. Consider what your needs and abilities for treatment are and find a program that works best for you.

If you have Kentucky Medicaid, short-term addiction treatment is available at no cost to you and most private insurance will cover short-term treatment as well. There are also self-pay options. Financial strain should not be a barrier to accessing addiction treatment. Options and support are available to help those who are uninsured and unable to pay access the resources they need.

Long-term addiction treatment is proven to help those battling with addiction stay successful in recovery longer. If there is an opportunity to continue treatment long-term, it is beneficial to the client to do so. Isaiah House Treatment Center’s Admission Department offers free consultation to discuss costs and options with a confidential phone call. 

Taking steps to prepare for alcohol and drug abuse treatment will allow you to better focus on your sobriety and mental and physical wellbeing once there and once you return from treatment. Even if you are not able to prepare for everything, however, holistic and dual diagnosis treatment resources like those offered through Isaiah House will help you address those barriers to sobriety and provide you a chance for long-term success in recovery.  

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