How Employee Assistance Programs Can Help Fight the Addiction Epidemic

The addiction epidemic is tearing families and businesses apart. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death for Americans under 50. This is a huge problem, and it’s only going to get worse if we don’t take action. One way that businesses can help fight the addiction epidemic is by implementing employee assistance programs (EAPs). In this article, we’ll discuss what EAPs are and how they can play a part in fighting addiction.

What are employee assistance programs (EAPs)?

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a work-based intervention program designed to help employees resolve personal problems that may be adversely affecting their performance at work. In short, EAPs help employees with personal problems that could hurt their job performance.


Traditionally, EAPs assist workers with issues like alcohol or substance misuse. However, many programs now cover a broad range of issues such as child or elder care, relationship challenges, financial or legal problems, wellness matters, and traumatic events. Employee assistance programs are usually offered at little or no cost to employees.


There are multiple different types of EAPs including internal programs, external programs, blended programs, management-sponsored programs, member assistance programs, and peer-based programs.

How EAPs benefit businesses

EAPs offer a plethora of benefits to the businesses that implement them. Here are a few of the ways that EAPs can benefit businesses:


They improve employee retention: Employees who have access to EAP services are more likely to stay with a company than those who don’t. This is because EAPs provide employees with the support they need to stay in their jobs, even during difficult times.


They boost employee productivity: EAPs can help employees resolve personal problems that might be affecting their work performance. This, in turn, can lead to increased productivity for businesses.


They improve employee morale: Employees who feel supported by their employer are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and have a positive attitude towards the company. This leads to improved employee morale and a more positive workplace culture.


They promote a healthy workplace: Healthy employees are productive employees. By offering resources and support for employee wellness, EAPs help create a healthier workplace overall.

Employee assistance program by the numbers

  • 1 out of 5 workers aged 18-25 abuse drugs on the job
  • 73% of all drug users are employed according to the U.S. Department of Health and Mental Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  • 80% of these steal from their employer
  • 300% more sick benefits are used by substance abusers
  • Drug abusers have almost 4 times more work-related accidents
  • Drug abusing employees cost employers $15,000 per employee per year in healthcare costs and decreased productivity

How employee assistance programs help battle addiction

Addiction is a multi-faceted issue. Many factors contribute to the abuse of different substances. Mental health issues, general stress, and certain socioeconomic conditions can all contribute to a person’s dependency on drugs or alcohol.


Since employee assistance programs are wide-ranging, they have the potential to impact all of these contributing factors in a positive way. Programs that reduce stress for employees may help those people say “no” to the substance they often use to cope. Programs that provide mental health counseling could support people who struggle with underlying mental illnesses that can fuel addiction in a vicious cycle.


By implementing an employee assistance program, you can help fight the addiction epidemic one person at a time. Each of these efforts from businesses compounds on top of each other. As more and more employers offer these programs, they become more normal, and more people can get the help that they need to fight addiction.

Employee assistance programs through Isaiah House

We know that addiction is a holistic problem that requires a holistic solution. Part of the solution is a healthy, thriving community. That’s why Isaiah House Treatment Center offers EAPs to our community businesses. We are here to assist you and your employees with their treatment needs!


While EAPs may provide many different services to employees, ours focus on helping people with substance use disorders overcome addiction.


We offer multiple different services through our employee assistance program. These services include:

  • A comprehensive, person-centered approach to treatment
  • Residential and outpatient treatment for substance use disorder
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Anger Management
  • Grief Counseling
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Counseling Services for Adolescents
  • Family Counseling
  • Medical Care through Real Health Primary Care


Isaiah House is a faith-based, non-profit addiction treatment center that provides short-term and long-term residential substance use disorder treatment for men and women. Our programs have a total of 201 residential beds and 100 beds for transitional living. We are nationally accredited by CARF and licensed by the state of Kentucky.


We treat the whole person with a holistic approach addressing spiritual, physical, mental, financial, legal, and educational aspects of our clients’ lives. Our long-term program is unique among other treatment models by guaranteeing employment opportunities after 100 days of treatment.


If you’re interested in starting an EAP in your business, contact us today. We’d love to assist you!

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