Isaiah House purchases Howard’s Metal Sales in Chaplin, KY

Isaiah House Treatment Center partners with USDA/Rural Development to put skills into the hands of those that need it most

Wednesday was a day of transition for the Chaplin community. A business that has been serving Nelson and surrounding counties with their construction needs for 35 years changed hands to an organization that has been helping restore lives for nearly 20 years.

Howard’s Metal Sales was officially sold Wednesday, with Isaiah House Treatment Center, a Christ-centered drug and alcohol treatment center, taking possession of the business.

Charles Howard, founder of Howard’s Metal Sales, started the business in January of 1984 with his wife, Donna. He said selling the company his family started is a special moment for them, and one they didn’t take lightly.

“At some point in time, a person has to consider you’re not going to be here forever. I’m 61 years old,” he said. “The big deal for Donna and I is that it’s going to continue. Not only has it provided a living for ourselves and our employees, it’s a value to the community. It’s going to continue to provide employment for a number of people and continue to provide a service to the community, and even grow, so that’s the idea.”

Although his family has sold their business, Charles Howard and his family will continue to be active in Howard’s Metal Sales, working along with Isaiah House.

“I think the future for Howard’s Metal Sales is very bright. Not only are these people willing to listen, they’re eager to learn about what they can do to make this a better business, and that’s the type of thing that’s music to my ears. I’m very excited about it,” Charles Howard said. “That’s another good thing about the Isaiah House. I get to transition myself from being behind the computer desk every day to going out and being the face of Howard’s Metal Sales to a degree, going from job site to job site. You don’t know how to put that transition in? Let me show you. You’ve cut a piece of J-channel wrong? I’ll go get it and bring it back to you. Things like that will build a rapport with your contractors, which will build loyalty. That excites me, and it will allow me to change gears and allow me to do something else.”

The Howard family is excited about the next chapter for the business, and Donna Howard said they want to see Isaiah House be successful.

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