Joe Drury’s Testimony

My name is Joe. I am 37 years old and I’m from Lexington. Growing up I had the best childhood anyone could ask for. I never wanted for anything and had a very loving family that made sure that I was happy and healthy.

Once I was in high school I struggled with a lot of the same things other kids do when they are trying to find their way. Fitting in didn’t always come naturally. I started experimenting with alcohol and marijuana because I felt that was expected for me to fit in. When I did, I found that this gave me an escape from feeling worried and made it easier for me to relax. The problem here was that I started using this coping mechanism for daily life. You could not convince me that this affected my life in a negative way.

Little did I know, but my ability to live life on life’s terms had already been severely limited. I needed my daily helper to push me on. Inevitably, life didn’t always pan out like I wanted. I lost a girlfriend in an apartment fire, went through a difficult divorce, and lost my older brother to suicide.

Every time something went wrong I retreated deeper into dependence on a substance to even me out. After the death of my brother, I was introduced to heroin. The instant relief calmed me. I felt that I was floating in a sea of indifference. I instantly loved that feeling of not caring anymore. I was hooked. I never looked back or considered the negative consequences of what could be. My life quickly spiraled downward.

I couldn’t keep jobs, couldn’t maintain relationships, couldn’t even complete small tasks because of my mounting addiction. My daily life became a constant search for my next fix. Lying, cheating, stealing, and manipulating became my only way of survival. My friends and family became increasingly worried and urged me to get help. The first couple of rehabs I attended were only so I could get them off of my back and return to my use.

They say you can only get better when the pain of staying the same finally outweighs the pain of changing. Thank God that finally became a reality for me.

I entered Isaiah’s House on May 18, 2018. I was so tired of running from my pain and my problems. It took me a while to get comfortable, but the staff and other clients were determined to make me feel welcome and help me walk with purpose again. Last Saturday, July 27, 2019, I graduated the program and for the first time in my life I feel I have really accomplished something.

I have my family in my corner. I have made so many lifelong friends this past year. I have a real relationship with my higher power whom I call God. I couldn’t have done it without the expert and resolute help of The Isaiah House. If you, or a loved one needs help, please consider reaching out to get help. There is always someone ready to help you reach your dreams. Real hope for addiction!!! 

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