JOEL 2 Pastors Symposium

Isaiah House presents Joel 2 Pastors Symposium on Thursday, October 18 from 10 am- 2 pm at our Chaplin Center located at 100 Broadway Street, Chaplin, KY 40012.

This symposium for church leaders and pastors is to re-engage the church. It’s purpose is to bring awareness, educate and give direction on how to address addiction and the resulting issues that have a large impact in our churches. You are invited to learn from a parent’s perspective, an addict’s perspective, and a fellow Pastor’s perspective. We will hear on Thursday how to minister and help the families and individuals in the church who are dealing with substance abuse.

Guest Speakers will be:

Arlene Rice –Founder of the Gabriel Project 930, an outreach to families who have a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD). Her mission is to network with other organizations, promote awareness, advocate for legislation, provide education, plus offer resources to parents and others who have a loved one struggling with substance use or chemical addiction.

Pastor Choe Sergent— Choe is the Senior Pastor of Junction City Baptist Church in Junction City. Choe teaches ministry and business courses at Campbellsville University’s Conover Ed Center in Harrodsburg. He is also a graduate of Isaiah House Treatment Center.

Bishop Keith Creech – Bishop Keith Creech is the Senior Pastor of Willisburg Church of God of Prophecy and is Chaplin of Isaiah House Treatment Center.

Pastor Jason Roop– Jason Roop is the  Senior Pastor of Asbury Church in Campbellsville and Director of Technology Training Center at Campbellsville University. Jason is also a graduate of Isaiah House Treatment Center.

Worship music will be provided by Rise Up.


9:50-10am- Sign in

10:00-10:05-No Shame Left video

10:05-10:15-Greetings/Intro-President Mike Cox

10:15-10:25-Rise up will play 2 songs

10:25-10:45-Johnny Hackworth’s Testimony

10:45-10:50- 5 min break

10:55-11:10- Message Joel 2 (Pastor Keith Creech)

11:10-11:30- Ministry Opportunities (Pastor Jason Roop)

11:30-11:45- Mother point of view (Arlene Rice)

11:45-11:55- Q & A for Jason and Arlene


1:00-1:20- Minister to Families (Pastor Choe Sergent)

1:20-1:25- Q & A for Choe

1:25-1:40- Jordan Testimony

1:40-1:55-Recap by Mike Cox

1:55-2:00- Last Q & A for Mike Cox and Prayer

*Please RSVP to Jordan Wilson at 859-481-4612 or by email at :

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