Help, Hope & Healing for Homeless Kentuckians

Isaiah House is proud to announce the opening of a new clinic in Lexington, in partnership with the Lexington Rescue Mission, dedicated to providing essential services for the homeless.

The Statistics on Homeless Kentuckians Are Staggering


of Kentuckians experiencing homelessness also abuse alcohol/drugs.


Overdose rates increased by 63% in Lexington since the beginning of the pandemic.

11 Years

Life expectancy of residents in 40508 is 11 years shorter than others in Fayette County.

Reversing These Troubling Trends

Donate today to help homeless kentuckians

Isaiah House, the Commonwealth’s premier provider of addiction recovery services, is joining forces with the Lexington Rescue Mission to launch a first-of-its-kind in-house treatment facility for Kentuckians experiencing homelessness and struggling with substance use disorder.

Let’s empower our fellow Kentuckians to have faith in their futures. With your support, we can create a place to feel loved, valued and cared for.

Provide Help. Donate Today.

Donate Today to Provide Help, Hope and Healing

Every dollar donated will help provide essential services for the homeless in partnership with the Lexington Rescue Mission.

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