Ronnie Couch Testimonial

My name is Ronnie Couch and I’m from Hazard, KY. For the past 20 years I have been on drugs. All I have ever done was lie, cheat and steal. You will not have to look too far to find the bad things that I’ve done, just go to Hazard and ask around about me. Four out of five people will tell you that I am no good, but I have earned that reputation. I have been to 6 rehabs and locked up for 3 years.

So when my little brother asked me to come to Isaiah House, I wanted nothing to do with it. I saw how this place helped him so much. I wanted what he had. I just didn’t want to go through the sickness of getting clean again. I had done it so many times and just kept messing up and letting my family down over and over. I honestly had given up on my life and ever getting sober.

One day I showed up at my Dad’s house and he asked me to go to Isaiah House, if only for 30 days just to get my health back. I still did not want to commit and go through with it. So my family finally told me if I did not volunteer they were going to use Casey’s Law on me, and I didn’t want any part of that so I gave in and volunteered to go. You can say they scared me into this place. The reason I’m saying this is because you hear people say that you can’t force someone to get help. Well, I’m telling you that they forced me into getting help, and I fell in love with this place.

I woke up one day and God opened my heart and my eyes. He allowed me to see that this was not an interruption in my life, this is where I needed to be not only for 8 months, but for a few years. As long as Isaiah House will have me, I will stay. This place is not like any other rehab I have ever been to. They have installed in me tools to stay clean like a job and saving my money for me. These are the things I was not able to do in the real world. Isaiah House sees that we can’t handle these things on our own at first. People might say well, these are small things, but to an addict they are so big and overwhelming that it’s hard for us to handle things like that and Isaiah House understands that.

My testimony is God has blessed me with 8 months clean. He has given me a job as a part of the kitchen staff and has put so many positive influential people in my life to help me through this. Most of all, He has restored all my relationships with my family. They can finally hold their head up and be proud of me. They can finally lay there head down at night and sleep in peace. To me that is enough, but God just keeps blessing me. So thank you God for angels on earth because I know in my heart that Isaiah House, the staff and the clients here saved me and my brother’s life.

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