Rusty Wells’s Testimony

Thank you, Isaiah House for being there for me in my most desperate time of need.

I went through the Isaiah House program in 2010. It’s what changed my life. I still to this day share my story of addiction with others and always take the opportunity to tell them about Isaiah House, what it did for me and recommend it to everyone.

If it’s sobriety you’re looking for then this is the place to be. When a man can build a program from scratch that started in the basement of his house into what it is today, you know that God is in the house and in control. We all have a calling, but only a few are chosen, and I thank God for Isaiah House for being his chosen one to stand up and face the battle on drugs head on to help save the lives of so many people like me.

Thank you, Isaiah House for being there for me in my most desperate time of need when I was at my lowest point of rock bottom. I was faced with two options: prison or the graveyard. Little did I know that God had already prepared a place for me called the Isaiah House that all started in the basement of one man’s home. If that’s not a witness I don’t know what is, but I do know this, we serve an awesome God.

My thanks and love to all of you at Isaiah House for what you have done for me and continue to do for others like me.

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