Wes Doak’s Testimony

Hey! My name is Wes and I just recently celebrated 5 years of continuous sobriety on September 11!

I’m not going to get into how life was during my active addiction. I believe the before picture explains that clearly. But let me tell you briefly how my life has been transformed with sobriety, through Christ, in just 5 short years.

God has exceeded all expectations I’ve had in life. Even in my darkest years, I always wanted a family to come home to, a wife that loved me, and children of my own. But this disease told me I wasn’t worthy of that kind of life. It told me I had thrown that chance away many years ago and there was no way to forgive myself for my actions or rectify my mistakes. This disease was so cunning, it knew if I felt hopeless that I would only have one answer for it. So, I continued to numb the pain for 14 years worried about one thing only, to feed my addiction. Thank God my story doesn’t end there!

With the help of Isaiah House, I started a personal relationship with God focused on building and strengthening that connection. In return, He has blessed me in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined.

Today, I’ve worked in treatment centers for over 4 years continuously giving back and helping other addicts and alcoholics. I’m a husband to the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m a father to the most precious baby girl with a smile that will melt your heart. I’m a step-father to 2 wonderful and amazing kids. I’m a dependable son/brother that values family deeply, but more importantly I have built a bond with God, through Jesus, that is stronger than ever!

Take it slow, one day at a time, stay humble, remain grateful, have faith, put in some work, and witness the transformation that only God can explain. Stay blessed!

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