Why you should consider long-term addiction treatment

long-term addiction treatment

When you think of rehab, you may picture a 28-day model. Perhaps this is a commitment you have made several times during your active addiction, or maybe you are brand new to considering sobriety. Wherever you are in your recovery journey, a lot can happen in those 28 days that can set you on the right path to tackling your substance use disorder. Imagine, however, the progress that could be made in 60 days, 90 days, or a year.

When it comes to drug abuse treatment, short-term programs will get you out of an immediate crisis and are certainly beneficial. If you desire to stay successful in your recovery, though, you will likely benefit from a long-term addiction treatment program. Long-term programs, like the one offered for men through Isaiah House Treatment Center, provide more time to address the root causes of addiction and equip you with the knowledge, skills, and support to maintain a sober lifestyle, even after you leave treatment.

What does long-term treatment involve?

Long-term treatment provides a supportive environment and accountability as you recover from addiction far beyond the initial detox. When you opt for long-term treatment, you will not only receive support in your abstinence, but you will have more time to address barriers to living sober, such as strained family relationships, mental and physical illness, and employment skills.

Short-term programs will often touch on these barriers, but the physical, mental and emotional damage that occurs during addiction is usually not something that can be corrected within a matter of weeks. It takes a commitment to see real change happen in recovery, and a long-term program will help you through that process.

Some reasons to opt for long-term alcohol or drug abuse treatment include:

Addressing your addiction Recovering from addiction is about more than drug or alcohol abstinence. Addiction affects your brain and changes the way you think, behave and interact with others. Many people in active addiction are focused on their drug use and obtaining and using become a priority in their life, superseding their needs or responsibilities. If you have dealt with addiction for several years, it will take time to learn how to live outside of that addictive mindset. Long-term treatment provides you more time and resources to adjust to a sober way of living.

Building sober relationships and habits – When you participate in a long-term addiction treatment program, you will spend more time in a supportive environment free of alcohol and drugs. This also means spending more time with people who are sober, who understand addiction, and who can hold you accountable. Being able to develop these sober relationships and a sober lifestyle over a longer period will help you better adjust to sober living outside of treatment and will prove to yourself that you can be happy, healthy, and successful in recovery.

Higher chance of success A person who completes long-term alcohol or drug abuse treatment is far less likely to experience a relapse because they are working through those relapse triggers and have developed better coping mechanisms, sober relationships, and life skills to help them succeed. Even if relapse does occur, long-term programs and support will help get you back on track.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, participation in residential or outpatient treatment for less than 90 days is of limited effectiveness. Treatment offered for a significantly longer period of time is recommended for maintaining positive outcomes in sobriety.

Find your recovery program today

Isaiah House Treatment Center offers several paths to recovery, including an 8-to-11-month long-term treatment program for men. Our dedicated staff and client-tailored programs will support you from non-hospitalization detox to outpatient care and after care.

Isaiah House takes a holistic approach to drug abuse treatment, meaning our CARF accredited program staff strives to address the spiritual, physical, mental, legal, educational, and financial issues related to substance use disorder. We do this through free GED instruction, up to 12 transferrable college credit college classes courses, spiritual guidance, individual, group and family counseling services by a licensed clinician, parenting classes, soft skills training, peer support, medical care, and even transportation, ensuring you have access to treatment, appointments, and employment.  Isaiah House offers vocational training, including a welding certification program, and our Willisburg campus serves as a satellite campus of Campbellsville University.

Isaiah House also guarantees opportunities for employment for our clients after they have completed 100 days of alcohol or drug abuse treatment. We offer job skills training, internships, and in-house employment opportunities as well as collaborations with other businesses for job placement.

Our transitional living program further helps our clients maintain their sobriety after residential treatment as they receive a continuum of care until they graduate from their program.

Whether you are participating in a short-term or long-term program, you will benefit from our staff of experienced licensed therapists, a skilled medical team, target case managers and certified adult peer support specialists. Life skills building, individual and group therapy, an individualized treatment plan, and withdrawal management services of medication-assisted treatment are also available to meet you where you are in your recovery needs.

If long-term treatment is not an option for you, Isaiah House offers after-care support for all who complete a program. You may also consider attending weekly meetings and support groups in your community to help you manage your sobriety.

With the right support, you can be successful in recovery. If you or your loved one need short-term or long-term alcohol or drug abuse treatment, contact Isaiah House Treatment Center today! Take the first step to a brighter, sober future.

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