Education & Workforce
Development Program

In the later stages of the recovery process, our clients have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally with our workforce development program. Clients may take GED classes, college classes, and vocational training, which are provided by our partners like Adult Education, EKCEP, Campbellsville University, BCTCS, and ECTCS. Our campuses have resources for education and job training on site.

Committed to Education

We have partnered with respected higher-education institutions, including Campbellsville University, Eastern Kentucky University, University of Louisville, and KCTCS. An Education and Workforce Development Department connects clients with employers, adult education providers, internships, career services, and educational institutions.

Isaiah House is the only treatment provider with an onsite vocational center for men designated as a satellite college campus through our partnership with Campbellsville University (offering onsite welding classes). A new vocational center for women will launch this year to serve women in residential treatment and transitional housing. An Opioid Abatement Settlement Grant funds the project. It includes a computer lab and a Recovery Life Center, charged with educating the public about addiction and reducing the stigma that prevents many people in recovery from fully thriving in their communities. These educational opportunities provide our clients with a pathway to personal growth, more significant potential, and increased career opportunities.

Our Prevocational
and Educational

Workforce Education Grants Initiatives

Isaiah House is the recipient of a competitive 5-year grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Through this initiative, Isaiah House partners with the KY Workforce Innovative Board, KY Chamber of Commerce, Bluegrass Area Development District, and Goodwill Industries to offer soft skills training, employment services, career coaching, and criminal record expungement through this initiative. 
Through the KY Chamber of Commerce’s Fair Chance Academy, the SAMHSA grant supports training for employers interested in providing second-chance employment for people with criminal backgrounds and a history of addiction.

Isaiah House is also the recipient of a 2-year Appalachian Regional Commission POWER grant to expand Reliance Works and treatment services to six economically distressed counties in Eastern Kentucky. Resources and training developed during the POWER program will also support the proposed project. 

Job Skills Training

Isaiah House’s vision is to be the industry leader in equipping individuals with the resources to achieve lifelong recovery while restoring families and improving communities. Job skills training and obtaining gainful employment are essential steps in recovery. We guarantee the opportunity of full-time employment after 100 days of treatment to our clients in our long-term recovery program. Graduates become interns and eventually full-time employees at Isaiah House, working as peer support specialists, maintenance and kitchen workers, house managers, life recovery coaches, and other positions. Clients can also work at our business ventures (Howard’s Metals and Reliance Works) or one of our business partners. 

All clients are offered the opportunity to receive GED, parenting, life-skill classes, and soft skills training to improve their communication, teamwork, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills. As a result, they become influential leaders, responsible family members, and valuable contributors to their communities. Clients learn how to apply recovery skills in real-life situations while receiving clinical, peer support, and case-management services needed for ongoing recovery.

Partner Businesses

Howard’s Metal Sales

Howard’s Metal Sales

Reliance Works

Reliance Works

Thai Summit Corporation

Inoac Group of North America

Labors International Union of North America

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