Recovery Housing

Safe and stable living environment is essential for successful recovery. Our recovery housing options provide individuals with a supportive community and a structured environment conducive to healing. In these sober living homes, residents receive ongoing support, peer accountability, and access to additional resources to support their continued growth and sobriety.

Isaiah House is NARR Certified

NARR (National Alliance for Recovery Residence) has established a national standard for recovery residences. Recovery residences or transitional living homes should be sober, safe, and healthy living environments that promote addiction recovery from AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs). NARR certification holds these residences to a high standard of code of ethics, quality, access, and choice. We have met these high standards to receive certification.

Eligibility &
Requirements for
Recovery Housing

Our recovery housing program is available to participants in our residential programs who have demonstrated readiness for this next phase. Eligibility criteria and requirements for recovery housing include:

We believe that maintaining a strong support network and staying connected with a recovery community are essential for long-term success.

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