From These Halls: “Grateful With Joy & Peace in My Heart”

My experience at Isaiah House has really been nothing short of a miracle. In early August 2023 I hit rock bottom. Though everyone’s rock bottom is different, for me I was unable to function. Lost the “bottom of a barrel” all I was able to do was drink and be sick. No longer a functioning member of society I was without work and had completely lost myself.

On 8-15-23 God lead me to Isaiah House. Being faith based I quickly realized all I could do was surrender. Surrender all! My worldy possessions, my sobriety, and every ailment the doctors before had diagnosed me with (anxiety, depression, & PTSD). With the help of all the staff whom also have been through this, and shared their experience, strength & hope. I was able to relearn coping skills and to stick and stay, to fight the battles need to win the war!

Over 100 days in and now I can testify that through God and the help of IH I am now confident in myself and my sobriety. I no longer have to take any medication for my mental health. I wake up grateful with joy & peace in my heart. I live a life guided by God to be a testimony and light to others. I am now interning here and able to be of service. My relationship with my children has improve tremendously as well as my relationship with others. I did have to have faith and put in the work but God has done for me what I could not do for myself. I am so thankful for IH.

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